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The firm has provided many years of service on both an appraisal and a contract acquisition basis for the Municipalities of Delta, Chilliwack, Matsqui, Richmond, New Westminster, Burnaby and Nanaimo. Experience attained while working for B.C. Transit under the B.C. Transit Act contributed to the development of staff expertise in the prototype legislation for the Expropriation Act. This act codifies the requirements for acquisitions, expropriations and subsequent arbitrations.

Some notable clients and projects are summarized below:

Alberta Gas Trunkline - Pipeline Right of Way appraisals
Foothills Pipeline Project (ANG) - Pipeline Right of Way appraisals
B.C. Hydro and Power Authority - Kootenay Canal Project
- Henson, Vancouver Island
- Easement study submitted as evidence
- Whittaker, Vancouver Island
- Arrow Lakes dam project
- Market and relocation data
- Appraisals for full and partial takings
B.C. Transit - Appraisals for full and partial taking purposes
- Appraisal, Management and Disposal of Surplus Properties
- Right of Way acquisition for 75% of 320 properties with a budget of $80,000,000
Greater Vancouver Regional District - Parks - Appraisals throughout the Regional District for parks acquisition
Greater Vancouver Regional District - Sewage and Drainage - Appraisals for waterline easements
- Acquisitions for sewage easements
Westcoast Transmission - Pipeline easement valuations
- assessment appeals, site selection studies, impact study
Saskatchewan Power Corporation - Appraisals for transmission line rights of way and coal properties on industrial and farm land
Corporation of Delta - 10 years as contract agent for up to five full-time agents, including rights of way for dykes, drainage, sewers, power lines, new roads and strip widening of full properties for parks
B.C. Enterprise Corporation - Appraisal, acquisitions and documentation for Johnston St. widening impacting 25 properties
City of Castlegar - Appraisals for replot project
City of Rossland - Appraisals for replot project
District of Coquitlam - Appraisals for replot project
City of New Westminster - Appraisal and acquisition as contract agent for Queensborough Dyke Project
Township of Chilliwack and B.C. Ministry of Environment - Appraisal and acquisition of 60 properties for properties for Vedder River Dyke Project, including Land Commission applications and disposal of surplus property
Libby Dam Project - Appraisals for full and partial takings
District of Matsqui - Appraisals for full and partial takings - Provision of land agent services, four years
District of Maple Ridge - Appraisals for various full and partial takings
District of Mission - Appraisal for partial taking
City of Vancouver - Appraisal for partial taking
City of Abbotsford - Appraisals for partial taking
Ministry of Economic Development, Squamish Estuary Industrial Land Use Economics - Economic study to determine viability of reclaiming estuary lands
Ministry of Economic Development, Roberts Bank Super Port Land Valuation - Valuation of local component of super port facilities and analysis of costs associated with expansion
B.C. Hydro-Westcoast Transmission, Vancouver Island Gas Pipeline Route Costing - Appraisal and sensitivity analysis of alternate gas pipeline routes through rural and urban areas
Ministry of Transportation and Highways Valuation of Redundant Rail Right of Way - Valuation of surplus rail land in Comox Valley as a result of abandonment of the rail line
B.C. Hydro/B.C. Transit Valuation of B.C. Hydro Central Park - Comprehensive valuation of operating rail line (Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster)
B.C. Ministry of Environment - Valuation of rights of way on Crown land
City of Nanaimo - Appraisal and acquisition services
Inland Gas Co. - Acquisition of rights of way, Salmon Arm to Chase natural gas main
B.C. Transit Replotting Rail Oriented Lands - Major replotting scheme in downtown New Westminster involving CNR, CPR and BCHR
Westcoast Energy - Valuation services for Vancouver Island Natural Gas Pipeline
Ministry of Transportation and Highways - Turnkey valuation and acquisition project for strip widening of Scott Road
B.C. Gas Inc. - Surrey-Langley Natural Gas Pipeline Project Right of way cost analysis for route comparison
B.C. Gas Inc. - Penticton-Oliver Natural Gas Pipeline Project
- Right of way cost analysis for route comparison
Trans Mountain Pipe Line Co. Ltd. - Shell/Petro Canada refined products delivery Burnaby Mountain. Valuation of statutory right of way
Ministry of Transportation and Highways - Vancouver Island Highway Project
Rapid Transit Project 2000 Ltd. - Valuation services for SkyTrain expansion